The Longest Week But Fresh Start Begins Today

Morning All,

I would like to say a big sorry for the long gap between my last post and today. My family received some disturbing news that took us a few days to get our heads around. With the aim of trying to regain some normalicy I am writing my blog and posting my report for the teams investigation at the Silken Strand at the start of November. I hope that you enjoy it…


Write-Up For The Silken Strand Hotel Investigation

3rd November 2012


Firstly, what an amazing place? From the exterior; although lovely, you would not have an inkling of what is inside. The Silken Strand Hotel is the hub for most Leek visitors. Its warm, inviting and sumptuous interior boasts decades of haunted history. In the lap of luxury you maybe forgiven for seeing a young girl playing within the stair-well and kitchen areas – a girl who is not s paying guest. There are also reports of a man standing on the upper landing leading to the dining area looking out of the far window. This man has been observed by patrons of the hotel from the upper gardens areas and describe him as wearing a top hat. With a flood of “happenings”; anything from poltergeist activity smashing glassed to apparitions, we were sure to be in for an “active” night…right?


A few hours before the team gathered at The Silken Strand Hotel in Leek, I was advised that we would have celebrity Craig Phillips (original Big Brother winner, charity fundraiser and presenter of numerous DIY programs) staying in one of the rooms. I offered (as you do) an open invitation to both the management and to Craig; as they were friends, to join us for our investigation. Terry (the manager) said that he would advise Craig of our invite but thought that he would say no as he had a busy schedule the following day. As soon as the phone was placed back in its’ cradle, I informed the team and was immediately asked to draft some questions should we meet Craig.


With a new found excitement bubbling away we all gathered at the location at 10pm. Terry told me that Craig was willing to speak to the team. Oh my days! Nerves? Yes! Those nerves were for nothing though as Craig Phillips was endearing, approachable and friendly. There was nothing diva-ish or stuck up about him. We; as a team, are extremely grateful to Craig for being a good sport and recording an impromptu interview conducted by myself. Thank you Craig. I think I can honestly say that you not only made the teams’ night, but their whole year too!.


Anyway, back to business! Matt began to make his usual scribes – a system of thoughts or feelings jotted down on paper regarding information he believed himself to be receiving. Matts’ sister; Laura (also a medium) along with Liz (our sensitive) also wanted to give the scribing a go too. Here are their notes:


Matts’ notes are as follows:

  • A male presence makes himself known in dining room upstairs. He is not happy about it being a dining room.
  • He’s followed us around the venue so far.
  • Presents the names “Peter” and “William” but I feel that they are not either of his names.
  • He says he passed over naturally.
  • Had a corporate career – presents himself in the world of finance/insurance/legal.
  • The name “Sheldon” is important to him.
  • Getting the name “Bowman”. Has a connection with the gardens here.
  • Being told about silver/brass heirlooms in particular a cup – engraved with details about the owner.
  • Lady of the house (of her time) used to keep dogs – in particular these dogs have a relation to hunting (not necessarily fox hunting) – being more about rabbits and game.
  • She goes by the name of “Mary”. Feeling “Sheldon” is the surname or maiden name.
  • Man in dining room is talking about pigeon pie as a favourite, used to be an endless supply in relation to hunting circles.
  • Being told about parlor games/cards/gambling as a social event held here. More often than not, waging was met by goods, (skins/furs/meat/guns) than currency.
  • Timing for all of the above is 1870′-1890’s
  • Being told about a set of armour that is an family heirloom.
  • Being told about an energy vortex in the cellar.
  • There is a male presence down there that is aggressive – probably likely to throw things. Not far from the second set of stairs (from the hallway).
  • He has a working class appearance and tends to “sneer”.
  • Back to dining room female presence stands in the dining room doorway. (access to dispensary areas).


Lauras’ notes are as follows:

  • -beard
  • Tall gentleman-Victorian/Edwardian. Dark brown/black suit/waistcoat and top hat. Pocket watch and pipe.
  • Jacob?
  • Master of the house, patrols the areas, likes to stand by the window looking out over the garden.
  • Watching what we are doing, fascinated by the cameras
  • Jacob Atkinson?
  • Stroke/brain aneurism due to high temperature.
  • Spanish flu?
  • 1917-1919?
  • Dining room = reception room/smoking room/breakfast room.
  • Emma/Emily?
  • Anna/Hannah?
  • 20 years old max
  • Relation to the gentleman – ward. Orphaned.
  • Seeking his permission to talk to us.
  • Flowers smelt in room downstairs
  • She died same time as the gentleman – Spanish flu?


Lizs’ notes are as follows:


  • Clock ticking. Deep sound like a grandfather clock. Chiming, pacing.
  • Trouble in the family.
  • Old gentleman in the corner – not happy that we are here.
  • Scowling – does not want to talk to me!!
  • Feels woman should know their place!


As you can see these sets of notes interlink. There was no comparing them until now as they are not allowed to discuss their notes before I have them in my possession. This is not because I don’t trust them, this is so that their scribes cannot be considered as fraudulently done by our viewers. We have to remain as transparent as possible regarding our techniques and findings. Of course there are some generic threads within these notes, however, there are common trends that also match some of the history I have researched. I will add these findings as I go through the write-up.


The team began their investigation within the attic space. The attic is also used as a storage area for Christmas decorations, old crockery and general odds and ends. Due to the lack of space we were unable to perform any physical experiments.

Paddy (our third medium) along with Liz, Matt and Laura all came to me independently to tell me that the team were being followed around by an unknown energy. Paddy also stated that he was visualising the attic space as a cramped sleeping area. He reported that he could “see” six beds side by side and was probably a maids sleeping area. Paddys’ description continued. We were advised that he thought that the cook had taken ill within this space and that a doctor had visited her. It is thought that it was the cooks’ appendix that was the problem. As well as this, Paddy thought that there had been a “mass” illness of the staff and the attic was where they were all placed to recover.

One of the team believe that there is a “visiting” male energy that oversees the servants/maids. Also a foul smell kept drifting in and around the team, a smell likened to fermenting.

While we were in this small space there are varying reports of people feeling as if they were being pushed or touched on the head or neck areas along with odd mumbling noises. I found it hard to distinguish between the noises coming from outside to those inside so I cannot verify or deny these accounts. My only sensation was when I had my back to the door-hole; leading to an area we could not access, it felt like it was burning. However, when I turned around I was fine and it didn’t occur to my front. As soon as I returned to my original position my back began to burn again. Andy swapped places with me and did not report this happening to him though. I can confirm that members of staff from The Silken Strand have confided in the manager that they have experienced being touched or pushed in this area – this information was not available to the team.

Most of our investigation focused within the Tapas Bar area in what would have once been the cellar or cold-store where Liz reports that she can smell horses and senses that they were restless. The whole team felt uneasy, angry and anxious within this space although it was warm and welcoming. It is believed that there would be glasses thrown in this area. Also pains in the back of the head and neck were felt almost simultaneously by Claire, Liz, Hazel and Laura.

There were independent reports that some of the team took on an appearance other than their own. Jay and Sara were two of those apparently affected.

It is clear from all the notes that were taken in this area that those writing them experienced lengthy periods of confusion and distraction. This is evident by witnessing their behaviour and feeling it firsthand myself. If anybody who took notes felt anything like I did, they would have felt like their concentration was drained – that when they tried to write something, their mind would wander or go blank which caused them frustration. I personally wrote things that were totally irrelevant to what was going on. I would begin to write a sentence and end up writing my name two or three times without realising until I proof read what I had written. In this space I found it really difficult to concentrate on writing, yet, when I went back upstairs the words flooded out like they usually do.

Part way through investigating the Tapas area, Laura and Liz had to leave us to return upstairs for some equipment. On their way back they made a pit-stop at the toilets on the ground floor. While Laura went into the toilets Liz remained in the corridor where the stairs to all levels of the hotel are. Thinking that someone was coming down the stairs; due to heavy footfall sounds, Liz turned around expecting to see somebody…no one was there. This scared our usually unflappable sensitive who went into the ladies toilets to report the occurrence to Laura. When they returned to the investigation Liz was visibly shaken.

Before doing a glass-spin experiment Claire and Liz; on camera, went to lay out some trigger objects on the bar at the other end of the room. These consisted of a wooden dice, three cards and a stick of chalk. After this was recorded on camera the items were left unattended. No-one would be able to gain access to them without passing by the team first.

During the glass-spin we were provided with these details: we were supposedly conversing with a male spirit who had a message for Laura. Laura was told that she had conversed with this energy at The Old Royal Oak. (a previous venue within the Leek area). This energy claimed to be “Sydney”. It became apparent that this energy did not want our help to be crossed over because although he is grounded, he is happy to be where he is. When asked who “Sydney” was willing to speak to the K2 (or EMF) flashed and the glass moved to the “yes” position regarding Matt.

For some reason, although I was not on the glass and was merely observing, I, needed to ask if the churches linked the buildings he visited. Laura asked the question for me and the answer was yes. From this we were able to ask questions relating to his occupation and beliefs. We were “told” that he was a catholic vicar at Saint Edwards church. “Sydney” stated that he had doubts about his beliefs. The specific question given by Laura was : “Did you have doubts about your beliefs?” Suddenly, the ghost radar sprang to life as the glass began to move to “yes”. The ghost radar said “myself”. Coincidence? It could be, yet it rounded nicely into the questions that were being asked. This would also happen later into the evening when Matt swore profusely-the otherwise quiet ghost radar would suddenly say “language” – the timing was uncanny.

Jay began to experience issues with his camera. In the very area where Claire would later lose her balance for no apparent reason, Jay’s camera suddenly died although the display indicated that his battery was full.

Another “energy” is said to have taken over the glass during this experiment. This was reported to be another “spirit” the team had spoken to before. Nathan from the Moss Rose in Leek. Those taking part in the glass spinning were informed; using a series of yes or no answers, that Nathan was not able to speak at the Moss Rose but he could at the Silken Strand. Nathan was asked about the “triangle” symbol that kept appearing during our evening there. We were told that it was in relation to the free-masons on Derby Street. John Harris from the Old Royal Oak (if we are to believe the glass) is reported to have resided near to this building. Nathan stated that he was not grounded although something around the church grounds kept him coming back.

At this stage we tried to establish “Nathan’s” age when he passed. I wrote the number eight at the top of my page and asked for it to be recorded on camera because I felt sure that was the answer. However, the glass indicated that “Nathan” was in his twenties when he died. Our mediums tried to narrow that age gap even further. As it turns out, “Nathan” was said to have been twenty-eight. Did I get the answer partially right? I had not told anyone other than Jay (who recorded it on camera) what I thought his age was.

The glass’ energy changed and I thought that I saw an scowling set of male eyes in my head. I told Laura this because it worried me a little – I was not used to feeling things that were not my own to feel. I did not understand why I was getting these images in my head either. I have to say that I wasn’t all that comfortable with it if truth be told, more-so because I didn’t understand the process in which it happens. Due to the angry and negative energy now on the glass the session was closed and the team went on a break. At this point I noted that Paddy, Liz and Andy were in the other section of the cellar; in the bar area. It was at this stage that I noticed that the trigger objects had moved. Of course, with three of our team being in that area, I instantly thought that they had caused the movement of the cards and I told them as much. However, I was informed that due to the trigger objects being placed, they did not venture into that portion of the room.

Liz reported what had been happening in my absence. Liz had sensed a young girl of around fifteen years of age. The girl was thought to be a scullery maid, a person who got all the dirty jobs. Liz and Paddy state that the angry man who I had “seen” had a hold over this girl – each remain in their own areas. I had previously told a team member that I imagined someone dragging a hessian sack across a dirty floor in the cellar, I had also mentioned that a walkway by one of the fire exits looked liked somewhere fruit or goods trucks would have been pulled through. When I mentioned this to Liz during the break, she confirmed that this fact had been broadly mentioned by Paddy during their time downstairs. I had not told Paddy about my thoughts yet our information seemed to tally – another unnerving incident for me.

During the break Liz made notes about an energy she was picking up on. Liz believed that she could sense a young child; even claiming to see an apparition of her in the front entrance area to the hotel, who was around seven years old. The girl was said to have very light strawberry-blonde hair and wearing a white dress. This matched a description of a brief apparition Jay thought he saw near the ground floor kitchen area. Having spoken to the staff, this is also a regular account reported by them that only I had been privy too prior to our investigation.

After the break the team returned to the Tapas Bar area and tried to use the ghost box. (the ghost box cycles through all the radio waves and you may get the occasional word) Now as the team all know, I have misgivings about this device as I believe that you only hear what you want to hear and that the sounds being emitted will be interpreted differently by each individual. However, if I am to believe what the team were telling me, even if I don’t agree with some of the answers (because I thought it said something else) then here is what we found out: We were meant to be conversing with a spirit called “Pete” who is not grounded and only returns to The Silken Strand as fun. There were lots of unexplained noises going on around the team at this time and yet again more than one of the team thought that someone was coming down the stairs to join us – no one appeared although the footsteps sounded real enough. The ghost box sounded like three or four voices were trying to come through all at once. Deb or Deborah was one of the names provided when asked if there was a lady with him.

Our evening was brought to an abrupt halt when many of the team began to feel increasingly uncomfortable and agitated. In Jays’ own words’ he wanted to kill everyone and everything in the cellar. We brought the investigation to a close with the intention of returning to continue into the areas we didn’t have time to cover. The time just slipped away. Some of the team experienced severe and unexplainable fatigue, others reported headaches. Was this due to something zapping their energy or was it just because of the long investigation they had performed? There is no way of knowing.

 You can view the footage from this event (and others) at:

Follow us on Twitter: @Stoke_Haunted (stoke haunted official)

Via Facebooks Stoke Haunted page


You can also follow me on Twitter: @claireatherton

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Stoke Haunted would like to express their thanks to Terry Rogers, the staff of The Silken Strand Hotel, St Edwards St Leek and Craig Phillips for their kind and generous help and access allowances. It is much appreciated.


©Copyright 2012

I hope that you enjoyed the report. We hope to return to this location to research further.

Well that is all from me for now..I’ll be back soon enough with more rants and points of view!


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Morning All,

Wow, Saturday went from great to bizarre within hours. A few hours before we set off to our locations (The Silken Strand Hotel in Leek) I did my usual curtesy call to the management to see if there was last minute changes that we needed to make. I was so surprised when, instead of the usual area changes or staff attending changes, I was informed that Big Brother’s first ever winner was booked it to stop at the hotel. If that wasn’t “out of the norm” Terry then said that they were friends. Keeping it professional, I offered for Craig and Terry to join us as guest during our investigation. I kept any hype to a minumum. Of course my first thoughts were that if either joined us then it would be good PR etc. Terry said that he would ask though he couldn’t garentee anything which was fine by me. We were going to have to remain professional no matter what.

I informed the team of the possibility that one of the most famous faces of DIY programmes maybe joining us and Andy (the founder and camera tech) immediately asked me to draft three or four questions just in case we got lucky. And LUCKY we were. Craig was a diamond, really approachable and super interested in our philosophy and way of working. Not only did Craig appear on camera for stills images, he did the interview and even recorded the introduction to the investigation – he didn’t even charge us. Part way through the evenings investigation, Craig and his partner joined us in the Tapas bar/cellar, though not for long as his partner got freaked out and wanted to leave. This guy was super lovely and a joy to interview. If you would like to see the footage and even the behind the scenes footage from the interview please look at . Again, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Craig Phillips for what he did. I also extend my offer to produce/run or anything on any of his sets should he need me. (I doubt he would though if you don’t ask you don’t get lol!) Cheeky I know but hey! A woman’s got to try!

The write-up will be available over the next few days so keep watching.


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Afternoon One and All!

It is a mere seven hours before the team will come together again. We have been given so much information on this place, and the promise of lots of activity. But, something in the pit of my stomach is telling me not to get too excited. When all the accounts are collated it seems that we will be able to pick up something without trying. However, if you consider that these accouts are spread over a massive time-period it appears there will be no definative reason why we may get anything tonight. As you can tell my critical and skeptical side is winning the battle the inner battle with my “what if” side. I guess the lower my expectations are, the less I can be let down should we not find anything. On the flip side, how amazing would it feel if my expectations are low and we did come across something?

Anyway, the plans are laid out, the bags are packed and the team are raring to go. We will be working with half our usual numbers due to unavoidable commitments of some of the team. This will not hinder us though, we will do everything to the best of our ability as always.

Check back here in a few days for the write-up.


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Afternoon All,

The team are back out again tomorrow night for another investigation. It seems like Leek keeps calling us back – maybe it is because of the extenive history it has not to mention the great number of churches surrounding it. It’s  like Leek has its own “Keep”  wall such as castles used to have made out of religious fortresses.

So, the plae we are attending tomorrow has a long history and records of “activity” alike. Will this be the place that will eventually enable to to hnestly say that I believe in “spirits”? At the moment; despite what doing this task has shown me, I am still on the proverbial fence about the whole “ghost” thing. However, I do think that there are many-a-strange activity going on around us that we don’t YET understand. My logical mind fights any glimmer of possible “ghostly” activity in search of an explainable scientific answer. I often wonder whether this puts me at an advantage or disadvantage as the paranormal writer for Stoke Haunted.

I trust the team ninety-seven percent. The remaining three percent is not about them personally, it is about my inability to fully conform. If I was to trust them one hundred percent, I would not need to be there to judge things or question things myself. When I am “writing-up” an event, you may have realised that I often place several possibilities to an “event”. This is my skeptic side coming out. I think if I ever reached one hundred percent trust then I would them class myself as a believer. As the writer I have to be seen as objective – which on the whole I am. I have to deduce what questions may arise from both the believing and non believing audience who reads my work. If I were not to write in those possibilities then I honestly think that I would be doing the team, myself and the audience a mis-justice. The footage is thee for you all to view so that you can make your own minds up.

Anyway, back to tomorrow night. There are varying reports that cover the whole spectrum of paranormal activity types, so I am hoping that at least one of these occurences decide to happen in front of the camera.

Right, so that is my little bit of thought engaging scribble. I will get back to you with the results of the evening in a few days. Fingers crossed that the whole ghost theory will prove itself to me one way or the other. Have a good weekend all!


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Hello All,

I hope you are all well and safe, especially if you are being affected by hurricane “Sally” superstorm. I cannot begin to imagine the hell you must be experiencing.

With my thoughts and feelings with each and everyone of you, I am here to let you know that the write-up for Stoke-Haunteds last investigation is now available on my news and links page at

It was definately a strange place to be in during the day, but was much worse once darkness had fallen. Please go to the site and have a read. If you like it, feel free to share, subscribe and like. I honestly thought that the building would never end. From the outside it doesn’t look too big but it is a modern day tardis inside. A paranormal investigators dream to be sure.

Well, as short and sweet as this is, I have to go and make the tea for the family. These dark mornings and darker nights are really taking their toll on me. I think I will have to search for my daylight lamp soon.

I hope you enjoy the read. Feel free to let me know what you think.



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Afternoon All,

I hope you are all raring for some scaremongering this coming week.

The team are having their spooky halloween festivities on Saturday. We are investigating a massive venue that remains empty since 2000. We are unable to divulge the location or type of property by request of the keyholder. What I can tell you is that the building has in excess of forty rooms and was built in 1911. It also looks every inch the eery and enigmatic property we all dream of doing. Inside, it is like a rabbit warren, there will be no fear of anyone splitting up. Jokingly, I have advised some of the team to take wool or string to laydown so they can find their way out. Now, I am not so sure if my comment should be taken seriously. I have been to this place many times and have got lost on more than one occassion – and thats in daylight. The property is much more menacing by dark.

We don’t know if our venue for Saturday has any “activity” as non has been reported – I am sure we will find out one way or another. I predict lots of jumping and screaming whatever the outcome just from the atmosphere alone. Its going to be a long night as we start at around 8pm tomorrow, but, due to the square footage we have to cover, I doubt we will be finished before 5am – We will probably need to go back at some stage to cover areas we miss.

It is all cloak and dagger, not to mention being treated as relatively high profile by the keyholder. The lady in charge (no names to be used) has even go so far as to contact the police and secure a reference number so that they know that we are on site. I have to say that this is probably one of the best venues I have secured to date. I can happily report that those in the team that assisted earlier this week to do the recce are suitably impressed too.

Not much more to say just yet but be assured I will be able to disclose the write-up in due course.

Bye for now!


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Recce On For Tonight

Afternoon to all you lovely people,

It’s only a few more hours until I take a few of the team for a walk around at a new and exclusive venue. This venue has never had a paranormal group within its walls, however, we are to maintain the keyholders decision to keep the venue secret. Even in the write-up and footage we will not be able to divuge exactly where we are other than it being in Leek.

I am a little worried however, I worry that the venue will not hold as much promise as I think it might. There is no known activity as the use of the building has changed many times. The current keyholder does not use the premises herself and does not have access to find out if there is any former activity.

Hey ho, its too late to change my mind now. The building (which I have been in many times before) does have a strange atmosphere in my opinion – though I do not claim to be any master of these things. I just get a feeling – confusion, loss and unease. These sensations have not disappated the more I have become familiar with the building.

So, I will let you know more after this evening.

Thanks for reading.


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And So It Begins

Evening all,

Today I hand delivered the Gatehouse investigation write-up to the venue with the hope that I would catch management on the premises. No such luck, I have had to leave the footage that Andy has lovingly poured himself over and my write-up with a stand-in manager. Nevermind, I just hope that he receives it.

On the plus side, I have had word back from Staffordshire Universitys science and forensic department asking me if I will still be willing to do a talk on my crime writing, research and how I come up with the plots etc. I will tell you guys exactly what I told them two weeks or so ago – I feel a bit of a fraud doing a chat to a bunch of decorated current and retired forensic scientists and police as I have not yet been published in the crime writing field. This has however made me dig out some of my older works to see if anything will be suitable as examples of works. I think this calls for a fresh storyline though so I am in the process of mapping out a new piece from scratch. Some of my recent exploits have pushed themselves forward for consideration. I can tell you that some of them would prove very useful if I tweaked them to suit my purpose.

Well, tomorrow is another day and I endeavor to meet a new potential venue owner (who wishes to remain anonymous) about the chance to have exclusive access to their premises for a paranormal investigation.

When I sit here and write these bit and bobs down it seems like I do alot, however, when I am doing it as a daily thing it does not feel like I do much at all. I can lose a day on my laptop and feel like I have achieved nothing when in reality I maybe more than a few thousand words further into two or more projects. Its surreal but rewarding when you get the feedback whether it is good or bad.

Anyway, this is me, signing off for the evening. I need a decent nights kip.

See you all very soon

Claire x

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Hey Everyone!

Gee! I am full of cold – I hope that you are all ok though.

This is just to say that the latest papanormal investigation write-up is now live and available through either my website ( news page or through the team website ( where the footage is also available.

Our location last weekend 6th October 2012, was The Gatehouse in Clayton. Please come and read the update and let me know your feelings.

Any UK locations that you think would be useful for our team to investigate please feel free to let us know.

For now I am going to finish cooking tea – while trying not to cough and sneeze over it, before settling down to do some more of the novel. Thanks again for your support.


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Hey Everyone!!

Man I feel rough! So, I went out on Saturday evening as planned…the investigation starts…we do a few hours and then we start to drop like flies.. Conscious of my own safety and that of Jay whom I am to take home in the morning and who is also feeling terrible, I decided to leave the investigation near on 2.30am – very unusual in itself. I just wanted to sleep. I suddenly felt so exhausted that even during an experiment (which I was taking part in) my eyes kept closing. Jay on the other hand was just feeling down right ill – he even looked guant bless him. Anyway…we left.

Yesterday wasn’t much better.. I was so unwell in myself that I just slept the whole day and night away. I did try to get up but only lasted just over an hour before diving back under then covers.. Thank godness for a brilliant husband is all I can say.

Today I am hearing various reports from the team that they are also suffering from colds and exhaustion even when they felt perfectly fine before the investigation.

Aside from ailments there wasn’t much really to reference regarding our investigation. I still have some other notes waiting to be forwarded to me for analysis and research/reporting. I pray to the powers that be that there is something of a lead in them that I can use otherwise the nights events potentially make for dull reading.

With all the excitement qwelled I have finally gotten around to doing the jewellery company books today. A week overdue – well overdue only in my mind but i like to keep on top of everything otherwise it will just creep up on you and then I would have a mountain of paperwork to do.

So all in all a semi productive day. Parcels posted to my mum for her 50th tomorrow, company books done and every bit of the write-up complete from the information I have at the minute…jewellery articles made and photographed and a tax rebate applied for and its only half past three…did I mention that a pot roast has been cooking for a few hours too? For someone feeling unwell I would like to congratulate myself. I know there are many of you out there that go above and beyond every single day, and that my small victories pale in significance, but for me, (if you knew me you woudl understand) this has been a good day made all the better because I have ploughed on regardless of snotty tissues and cold shivers. Anyway, enough of blowing my own trumpet.. I have just had some more good news…the lady from Staffs university has just emailed me again stating that if possible (and if I am willing) she would still like me to do a bit of a talk based on my knowledge of crime writing – not that I have had any of it published yet. Now the big decision is whether to do it or not as I feel a bit of a fraud talking about something I have not yet achieved. Yes I still look and tweak some of my crime writing but I haven’t actively sought to fonish it due to many other projects pending. Maybe this will be the kick into touch I need. Just saying.

Anyway, enough of my off topic ramblings. I am off to do some more tweaking and hopefully more novel writing should the kids allow it now they are home.

Thanks for reading.


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